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Monday, March 26, 2012


Hope you are enjoying your Monday! Thought you could try these fun looks during this beautiful work week. 
My absolute favorite trend for Spring is Color Blocking. It is such a simple trend to do with the items that are already in your closet. 
My favorite pairings include: Coral and Turquoise, Blue and Yellow and Purple and Orange. 
You can create an entire new look by pairing solid pieces you have never even considered wearing together before now. 

Note When Color Blocking: Try and stick to colors that are opposite each other on the colorwheel. 
3 exceptions- 1. Red and Green, of course! 2. Pastels usually all look great together. Feel free and try violet, pale yellow and light coral in one outfit. 3. Red and Hot Pink make an awesome combo! Just ask Sarah Jessica Parker.
Here are 3 looks I styled that show how to Color Block all day long. As for the GUYS!- Feel free to join us. Male Color Blocking is a total go!
Colorblocking-Morning Workout
Colorblocking- Office and Lunch

Colorblocking- Dinner and Drinks

I always love knowing you've tried out my tips so feel free to 
a photo of your Colorblocked outfit! 
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