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Monday, March 7, 2011


Wanted to share some shots from a shopping trip with my sister and fill you in a little on my recent epiphany. I have always been very O.C.D when it came to breaking a schedule. It bothered me to even run to the store or walk to class on a different route, but I have come to realize that a strict day to day schedule becomes monotonous and boring. I can finally say that I've learned to take full advantage of and embrace every moment offered throughout my day. In today's case, it meant waking up early, working all day and driving straight to the city to meet my sister. So happy to enjoy a delicious meal, live music and evening shopping : ) These spontaneous trips are always the best.  

I made a ton of great purchases tonight and I can't wait to share them with you! A new bomber jacket, silk maxi skirt, eclectic bodycon dresses, 2 new pairs of sunnies and a blazer, just to name a few!

Tonight I was wearing:
2-toned tights ~ Urban Outfitters
Long Sleeve Black Cotton Dress aka (comfiest LBD ever) ~ H&M
Fur Cuff Bag ~ Coach
Leopard Coat & Turquoise Stone Necklace ~ Forever21
Watch ~ Michael Kors (Which I have refused to take off since the day I got it)

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Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

OH GOD! I love your tights!
Done, I'm following you on bloglovin' and twitter!! :) Kisses!

Charlotte said...

I love the tights!

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