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Friday, August 27, 2010




They are finally finished!
First day wearing the shorts I made : ) I got these Jordache high wasted jean shorts a while ago at Urban Outfitters. Every time I put them on I didn't like how they fit, there was something missing. Finally I realized what they needed, so I got a hold of my dad's utility knife and some sandpaper and I tore into these shorts. Literally. After I shredded them I still wasn't satisfied, so I had some fun with bleach and fabric paint. 
Here's the final product! 
What do you think??!
I got so excited about my shorts I didn't even mention my new blazer!
I got this fine thing at a vintage boutique near my house. I am in love with the color. 
It's a bit big, but it is so comfortable and perfect on these cooler summer days : ) 

Although it is fun to go shopping, sometimes I think it is even more rewarding to customize an item to become exactly what you want. I wore my shredded shorts out for the first time today when I went shopping with my mom and actually got a complement on them! It felt so awesome to be able to say that I shredded them like this. 
Lets call them, "Originals." 
Anyway, it was definitely a productive shopping day and I am so excited about what I bought!  I will definitely be posting my new items soon so stay tuned! Lets just say I went to two MAC stores ; ) Oh! And I had to make a COACH run when I saw what was in the window! I couldn't help myself. 
I finally got my IMovie working again and I'm so excited to use it! 
Hint hint, a future VLOG in the works perhaps?!
So what do you think about the shorts?! 
Have you ever customized your own clothing item? 
I'd love to hear about your creative stories! Comment below! 


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Monday, August 23, 2010


It was such a fun and eventful evening! To get all dressed up and go back to the place where I was crowned four years ago is such an amazing feeling. It felt like I walked into my second home. Friends, family and familiar faces whom I will never forget welcomed me with open arms. I was so excited to see this year's girls compete for the crown! 
I wore this comfy yet stylish turquoise speckled dress with my favorite Marciano Guess bag! And I finally had the opportunity to wear my new Delicious pumps for the first time! They were surprisingly comfortable!

Check out my new Michael Kors oversized coral stone ring! It's two in one, a beautiful gem ring and a solid perfume! If you need a quick scent touch up, this ring is perfect! 
Check out if you are interested!
Guess what!? 
I got to see Jayme again! Two times in one day?! I feel so blessed : ) 
Jayme, me and our moms had so much fun watching the pageant and guessing who was going to be crowned! Jayme looked adorable in her flowy sheer top I got her from New York and Company and her new Tiffanys rings! Tonight I wore some of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The turquoise stone ring is from Jayme purchased during her trip to Europe, the multi-colored stone bracelet is vintage from my great grandmother and my sister Lyric got me the signature "K" necklace from Saks!
Each contestant was judged on personal interview, talent, evening gown and an on stage question, they also attended a swimsuit party where they were given the opportunity to show off their beach-ready bods! Congrats to the new queen! You have an amazing year ahead of you. Welcome to the club :D 
Life has been extremely busy with work, class and preparing to move back to school. An evening out was a much needed break. 
I am going shopping this week for the giveaway item!!! I can't wait to reveal the secret! 
Stay tuned and don't forget to spread the word to your fashionable friends about the giveaway!
I will post details soon! 



Sunday, August 22, 2010


Out for tapas and drinks with some of my closest friends. I love being in the city and being able to spend time with friends. Jayme, Bev and I went to an adorable tapas restaurant called Ibiza and then to a few places for cocktails and dancing afterwards! Rain or shine we definitely know how to have a good time.
Bev's Heels ~ Jessica Simpson
Bev's Dress & Belt ~ F21
Jayme's Wedges ~ Steve Madden
Jayme's Dress ~ Urban Outfitters
My Pumps ~ Delicious
Polka Dot Bodycon Dress ~ F21
Black Skirt ~ F21

The lights and music make me never want to leave, I just love the atmosphere and the upbeat pace of the city. Although we remembered our umbrellas, it didn't help my frizz! Oh well, at least the rain stopped after dinner when we were ready to go out! Perfect timing : ) I cannot wait to get my new camera! Oh well, my little cyber-shot will have to do for now! 
I have to say, Bev was sure feeling the leopard print tonight. Hahaa! I love it! Speaking of Bev, her apartment was adorable!! It's decorated with Tiffany colors! Tiffany blue and brown with gold accents! My favorite part was definitely her unique pillow accessories. Each pillow was different and absolutely beautiful. Stay tuned for a quick post of some shots of her apartment! I love decorating and interior design, it is such another great way to feed my hunger for styling. Imaging a room and then watching it come alive is the best reward!
I love my girls and I'm so happy I had the chance to see them before we head back to class. I'll definitely be going back down to visit soon! 



Thursday, August 19, 2010


After a long day at work I went straight to my friend Kellie's house for her jewelry party she was hosting. As if I don't already have enough jewelry..I found a beautiful pair of silver and turquoise earrings! :D Stay tuned for photos! I can't wait until they come in!
P.S. - How adorable are these cupcakes?! 
LOVE these.
 Kellie's brother just bought a brand new black on black 2011 Camaro. I could definitely get used to driving that beautiful thing..I just can't help my love for cars.. and apparently no makeup? Bare with me here, it was a long day. Hahaa

Some of Kel's new jewels!!

So much fun tonight even though I'm exhaused..
Can't wait to go back over tomorrow! Our last night relaxing in the hot tub before class starts up again.
I think jewelry parties are so much fun, it's like the store coming to you. 
Great food, drinks, music, friends and of course, shopping! Can't get much better than that!

Hair appt tomorrow! Humm, what to do??
Any ideas?!! :D 



Sunday, August 15, 2010


What are the chances that you will be on the 
same beach at the same moment as your best friend? 
Pretty good I guess!!! 
I cannot believe it, but my best friend Jayme and I had our family vaca's on the same beach, during the same week! I was so excited to see her. It was amazing to be able to sit and chat with our toes in the sand together! Hope you enjoy these photos from my week at the beach!
Urban Outfitters Top
Forever21 Pale Pink Shorts
Sportsgirl White Leather Belt
LOVED this pink cottage! I could definitely live there :] 
Sister beach photo!!! 
Lyric's Bathing Suit- Vicky's Secret
Mine- Delia's 
Lyric's Sunglasses- Buckle
Mine- DIVA [Australia]
I miss you Cape May so much already!
Summer is near the end and uni is about to begin again.. 
I feel like I have had zero summer. I took four classes and worked like crazy.. but I guess it is all worth it.. Although work has been nuts, I can't WAIT for pageant season to begin! Everything is coming up so quickly! Fashion shows, photo shoots, seminars and of course, the state pageants!!! It is going to be an extremely busy semester between school and work! Five states this year! I'll be off to Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Connecticut and Vermont for the pageants in no time, so stay tuned for photos and videos from them! 
I have seen numerous photo shoots and runway shows from designers for the pageants. I think it is so awesome that pageants are now leaning more towards the "fashion world." Working with the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants has been a great way to work closely with the fashion industry. :)

Stay tuned! Lots of fun stuff in store for TUF's future posts!!! 

P.S. ~ *Working on a giveaway!* Patience is virtue!



Friday, August 13, 2010





Some photos from dinner, shopping and walking around Cape May!
I guess the locals of Jersey love flamingos as much as I do!!?
Vintage cars have a special place in my heart. <3 'ed this car!
Definitely the best ice cream and waffle cone that has ever graced my tummy :]
Skirt ~ Urban Outfitters
Tank ~ F21
Gladiators ~ Nordstrom

Comfy bodycon skirt and bloused silk tank to walk around the bay for dinner, shopping and ice cream! Our first night there we went to a sushi restaurant on the bay. The sushi was delicious and each of our fortunes described us perfectly! We went shopping and I loved these wire beaded bracelets. They were so different and like nothing I've seen at home. I always love a unique piece of jewelry and I thought these were perfect! 
Maybe they will be the next up and coming trend, so keep a lookout!

How adorable are those coconut flamingos!!?
I don't ever want to leave!!! 

- - - Beach photos coming s00n! - - -


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