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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Both Pumps ~ Michael Kors
My Dress ~ White House Black Market
Lyric's Dress ~ Urban Outfitters

Shopping with my sissy Lyric for the day!
We love these River Side Shoppes near my house. Each store is quaint and unique.
I cannot imagine not living near the river, we love to take our boat out to ski and relax then jump off and grab a bite to each and shop around for a bit.
Near these shoppes are restaurants, my aunts hair salon, and my parents adorable Tea Room and Cafe!
*Stay tuned for photos from the Tea Room!*



Skirt ~ Forver21
Flats ~ Urban Outfitters
Coat ~ Burlington Coat Factory

So the snow is nearly gone, but it's not warm enough to take off the coat.
Where are you spring?!!
Just playing around after class, taking some photos in the sunshine.
I truly believe I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
When the sun is shining, you know it, because I am in a good mood with a smile on my face,
as soon as it turns into a rainy and a gloomy day I'm wrapped up in my Hello Kitty blanket sipping hot tea with a good movie playing.
I enjoy the sunshine every chance I get!

P.S. - I must admit I enjoy a thunderstorm every once in a while though ;)




Boots ~ Steve Madden
Skirt ~ Forever21
Tee ~ American Apparel 
Ring and Bead Necklace ~ Vintage Boutique

Finally the snow is melting! I am sooo ready for spring and sunshine.
Nothing gets better than enjoying a relaxing walk with some hot green tea and honey. Yumm!
Things are keeping busy, I went to see my sisters musical recently and it was amazing.
They performed The Wedding Singer.
It is so awesome to get to see her sing and dance on stage. I miss musicals so much. 
The feeling of being on stage in front of all of those people was an indescribable feeling.
I'm glad I can still live vicariously through my sister for a few more years. 


Saturday, April 3, 2010


Houndstooth Coat ~ Forever21
Tights ~ Ralph Lauren 
Leather Boots ~ Kasha Matisse

Such a perfect day.
Enjoying the last of the snow and getting ready for spring!
Sometimes I just need to take a break from school and go for a relaxing walk.
Days are getting warmer and the snow is melting, I can't wait for the weather to heat up!
Just a month left until summer! I can't believe it.
But I'm not so sure I'm ready to be getting out the bathing suits and shorts!
I need some sunshine first!! 
Hopefully I'll get the chance to stick my toes in the sand this summer!
No beach plans just yet!!


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