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Monday, December 13, 2010


You can finally see what a typical weekend at work consists of for me! Here are some photos from the Miss Connecticut and Miss Connecticut Teen USA Pageant I worked at a few weekends ago. I just love seeing the beautiful gowns, hairstyles, makeup and competition the girls bring to the pageant.  Here is a quick summary to give you an idea of what goes on at a Miss USA preliminary pageant! 

The contestants go through intense rehearsing which consists of: dancing, walking, speaking and posing practice for the swimsuit, evening gown and final competitions. Then they have photo shoots with their gowns, interview outfits and swimsuits. The judges are able to meet them up close and personal through the judges preview with their swimsuit and evening gown as well as personal interview and on stage questions! All of the contestants did a fantastic job. It was a tight competition for sure, but I must congratulate Samantha Sojka, Miss Connecticut Teen USA and Regina Turner, Miss Connecticut USA, our 2011 titleholders :) 
Hope you enjoy these photos! 
Regina and Samantha with the judges
Larry Parra VP of the Miss Universe Organization
Top 5 Miss CT Teen USA contestants
Top 5 Miss CT USA contestants
State director Randy Sanders
I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing and affluential people this weekend. I am really blessed to have such a fun and enjoyable job with the Miss USA Pageant :)


PageantUpdate said...

I'm envious of you getting to be involved with the pageants... I'm a Miss USA pageant fan stuck in Australia, I have no option but to follow virtually :( Anyway these are fantastic photos, would you mind me putting some on my website? ... Randy & Edwin have given me the OK to put some of his pics up but I wanted to check with you personally before putting some of these up :) i'm happy to watermark them as well...

Kaitlyn McCall said...


I'm so glad to hear you are a fan! I don't mind at all if you use the photos as long as a watermark is involved :) I look forward to your posts!


P.S. Don't be envious, I would do ANYTHING to be in Australia right now.

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