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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last day together before Kathy left for a month in Mexico! So jealous she is getting a tan while I freeze in two feet of snow. Can't wait until she gets back and she's only been gone a few days! Guess bag, Urban Outfitter sweater and White House Black Market oversized belt are some pieces you have never seen before. Kathy looks adorable decked out in New York and Company :) 
Finals are finally over! Time for some R&R for a few days before I go back to work.
Now that it is Christmas break I have been diligently working on my Italian! 
I am determined to learn, so YouTube videos, CD's in my car and Italian music have all become a part of my day lately. 
Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway and post from a few nights out in the city!
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Anaivilo said...

Gorgeous outfit! I so love the bag, and your sweater :D Good job

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful sweater and pretty nail polish!! xxoxoo

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