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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Fall has officially arrived! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if it never got any colder than it is now. It’s the perfect weather to wear practically anything. I was so excited to get my favorite suede fringe Michael Kors boots out again! I have been so busy with exams lately but I finally had some time to snap a few shots between classes! 
Tomorrow is the beginning of the weekend and I can’t wait to head home and see my family. I have been traveling every weekend and I just need some time to relax. 
Saturday I’m off to Ohio with Bev to visit Jayme! I’m sooo excited to see them. I wish we all could get together more often. Distance really doesn’t seem to be a factor in our friendship though.. With me in Australia, Bev in Rome and Jayme in the Netherlands over the past few years we have had no problems keeping in touch, so a few hour drive to see each other is well worth it! Jayme is so lucky to live near some of the best shopping spots! I can’t wait to get some new things for fall, I’ll be sure to share them with you when I get home! 
For now, enjoy these shots from campus! The lighting was perfect!Two more pageants left! Pennsylvania's is Thanksgiving weekend and Connecticut's is the first weekend in December! I'm definitely going to do a post on one of them to give you guys an idea of what I do there. I'll be able to show you headquarters, some awesome outfits, shoes, gowns and bathing suits and what goes on backstage at the Miss USA Pageants! 

So stay tuned for that and a post from Ohio this weekend with the girls :)
Can't have a fall shoot without a jumping shot! :)
Blouse ~ Forever21 
Shorts ~ Urban Outfitters
Boots ~ Michael Kors
Tights ~ Chinese Laundry
Jacket ~ JouJou
Bag ~ Forever21 

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intherosegarden said...

Love love loooovee these new ones! You're lucky its still warm enough to wear all that!! Its really cold in Toronto.. :( But that means really cool coats and scarves!

xx S&Y

Marissa said...

OH MY GOSH! I am from Connecticut! Is there any way you could get me into the show with you? I would just DIEEE!!! I'd loove to see what goes on backstage and get some info for a blog post. Eeeek! Let me know love :)

And I just love that blazer. The ruffles..ahhh <3


Angela Marie said...

Great pics! I love your look and lovee all of the leaves and the Fall look! <3

Ra said...

obsessed with the boots!!!

Barbara said...

I´m in LOVE with your boots!! They look great!!...
Let´s follow each other??
Have a great weekend
Love Barbara from

Kaitlyn McCall said...

So glad to see you all like this look! The colder it gets the more layers go on :)
<3 K

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