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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I still can't seem to find the cord to my camera to upload the photos from New York!!! So until I do a complete sweep of my room tomorrow, I wanted to do a quick post from a folder I found on my computer! 
To me, fashion is sooo much more than the clothes on my back. I have always been interested in interior decorating and the way a home comes together from the outside in. This folder was full of random photos I have saved of extravagant, unique and modern homes as well as interior decorating I found interesting. A home is just another place you are able to let your imagination run wild and see your creative ideas come alive :]
Of course I had to add this adorable Flamingo Room! I have never seen decorating like this. I can never seem to get enough of unique and modern twists on decorating. 

So sorry for the delay in posts, hang in there! 
Photos from New York, Teen Vogue and Fashion University coming soon! 
Oh! And the Miss Indiana USA and Miss Indiana Teen USA Pageant is this weekend!!! 
Just marks the beginning of my many traveling weekends to come until December.

Stay tuned!!!


thehautepursuit said...

that first picture is EPIC!!!! holy smokes! i kept on looking at it, scrutinizing....and it's real! so amazing! I agree with interior design. like fashion, it intimidates me! so much jargon. so many *small* things, details. but a home is so important to call your own....that's why even with my shoebox room in my shoebox apartment I try to make it really personal.
thx for leaving the lovely comment :)

{ I V Y } said...

oh wow, these are incredible! love the massive violin!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures makes me a bit jealous of those with amazing bedrooms! ♥ x

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