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Friday, October 15, 2010


Nothing is more relaxing then a solo trip to the mall. It is literally like getting a massage for me. My mind in completely focused on putting outfits together and the newest trends, not worrying about anything else. When I need a moment to breath, sometimes a trip to the mall alone is the best thing for me. 
Anyway!, I got a ton of stuff yesterday while shopping for what was supposed to be my sisters 18th birthday present. Somehow it always seems that I manage to come out with more than I planned..
I fell in love with these boots as soon as I walked in to Forever21, and I carried them around with me the entire near 3 hours, yes, 3 hours I was in there. Now I know why I'm better off shopping alone. Who is in one store for 3 hours?!
STAR-06 boots - $36.80 - Forever21 

Although these boots feel like really nice quality, I feel like Forever21's prices have definitely increased. It used to be a place to go and get a few fun pieces here and there, but it seems like I have to watch just going in there and grabbing everything I see now.

Happy Friday!! 
Heading off to the city tonight for a friends birthday! Stay tuned for photos!



Marissa said...

Girl, I'M in a store for 3 hours! It's ok!
I absolutely love going shopping by myself. It's almost more of a therapy than going with a group of friends .. that somehow just creates a tag-along feel and I can never find pieces that I truly LOVE.

And, to confirm your suspicion of F21's price increase.. yes, they have. I read an article recently (I don't remember where) but it stated that there would be a definite increase in the coming fall season for their merchandise! Sad dayy.

Enjoy your weekend, love! I'm headed off to Austin, TX for the week!


minnja said...

Thanks for sharing! I love it!



these boots are awesome!

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