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Friday, October 22, 2010


First day in New York City for Teen Vogue's Fashion University!!!
Three words. New. York. City.
I still can’t believe I’m here. I’m sitting in my hotel suite, resting my sore and blistered feet, still in shock from seeing Time Square out my window. Forgot how much I loved this city!
We got to our amazing hotel too early for check in, so we decided to make a trip to the new FOUR STORY Forever 21 in Times Square. After picking our jaws off the floor, we managed to buy two full outfits in 15 minutes flat. (Check out Kathy's adorable head to toe outfit below!) After speed shopping we ran back to the hotel, changed, and headed out to the exclusive Juicy Couture event! I met so many amazing fashionistas!!! It was the most amazing feeling to walk into a room where I felt like I could be myself with no one expecting anything more. Finally, I had the chance to meet people who shared my passion!!!

Exclusive Juicy Couture Event!


Definitely the BEST Friday of my life. 
Stay tuned for photos from seminars by Rachel Roy, Anna Wintour and Amy Astley and sooo many more, the H & M event on Saturday as well as features of some of the newest up and coming music artists I met!!!


Anaivilo said...

Gosh this seems so fantastic! Please do share with us what you've learn from those seminars! :D Can't wait for more ! These photos are amazing.

Marissa said...

SO jealous of your NYC adventures. I love your pictures & your race against time to find the perfect outfit! I'd die to be there with you!

You look fab!!


erin englerth said...

Hey girl - it was really nice meeting you ! you have amazing style - look forward to seeing you other posts. you definitely have one more follower

love, erin mohawk

Ra said...

so great to meet you!

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