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Monday, October 11, 2010


Went to visit my best friend Jayme who I haven't seen in what seems forever! Although it was dark she managed to snap some shots while taking a relaxing walk in her town. The Wizard of Oz at the theater, music playing in the court yard, what a romantic evening for the two of us : ) Getting chilly out- perfect opportunity to wear this new black blazer from Urban Outfitters I recently got shopping with my mom and sister.
Dress ~ F21
Tights ~ Chinese Laundry
Blazer ~ Urban Outfitters
Bag ~ Urban Outfitters
Belt ~ F21

So not ready for this cold weather, but at least I will be able to have some fun with my outfits. Boots, tights, and blazers are the only plus side of cold weather in my opinion. 
Hopefully going shopping this weekend to get some awesome pieces to wear in New York! Can't believe I leave in two weeks! Flight and hotel are booked! It's go time :D 
The weekend after I return from NY the pageants start, so stay tuned for fun photos! 
Also, I'm currently working on a post with a surprise I received from Korea! 
Stay tuned!! 


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures, love the dress!!

Angela Marie said...

Love the second picture, really pretty! And I love this outfit! The dress, purse, blazer everything is so cute! =)
(Check out/follow my blog if you like!) =)

thesydneygirl said...

you look FAB! such a pretty blog! love those flamingos!!! x

Marissa said...

Any chance you would need assistance for the pageants?! You KNOW I would jump all over that!

I'm going to Austin this coming week and can't wait to snap tons of style&city shots around the city!

We need to chat sooon misss :)

Anonymous said...

Your dress is so beautiful! Love the print!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your dress and I agree with you, when it gets a little chillier, dressing is so much more fun.:)

we should totally stay in touch girl. How do you feel about following each other's blogs?

Let me know,

Love from Toronto,Canada

Anonymous said...

Cute dress and bag! I really like the colours!

Kaitlyn McCall said...

I really enjoy all of your awesome comments!! I'll be sure to visit all of your blogs! I'd also love to keep in touch with any and all of my readers! Feel free to e-mail me or simply convo through comments! : ) Also be sure to visit T.U.F.'s Facebook page! MWAH!

Kim'n'roll said...

Wow, Colors i like it


lamia said...

Great outfit!! love it!!

Maddy said...

love this outfit and the photos, so adorable! you look stunning ♥

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