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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


 Enjoying these last few warm sunny days every chance I get. Sporting my new gladiators from Urban Outfitters and my favorite Guess bag while running some errands between classes with Kathy : ) 
Skirt ~ F21
Flowered Top ~ Urban Outfitters
Rings ~ F21
Bracelets ~ Great Grandmother's and Brighton 
Bag ~ Guess Marciano 
Shoes ~ Urban Outfitters 
Exciting surprises today! - I received an e-mail congratulating me on becoming part of the Style Council of and I've also been asked to join the newest street style site-! It's going to be a good day!
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Pancakes&Pickles said...

i LOVE your blog. this outfit matches perfectly,hope the weather stays warm for ya. congrats on your success!!!!


Anonymous said...

You pretty girl! I love all this pictures and ur shoes!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations :) I love your top great outfit by the way :) xx

Kaitlyn McCall said...

Thanks so much girls! Love your comments! : )


STACY said...

WOO congrats :)
Also, love the shoes, so gorgeous!


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Ji Ji Kiki Giveaway

Gia said...

You're too lovely my dear, I adore this blue on you:)
I am ok, just busy with a lot of things before moving to Paris, I will move in few months though:)
Hope you're ok too, your smile is very obvious, it seems to me you're very happy:)


carling said...

love the shoes!

Come follow me & check out new photoshoots from the roof:

karla said...

I love the shoes! so cool!

please, came and visit my blong on

BenchesandChandeliers said...

love your gladiators!

lia said...

Thx for your nice comment! Be sure I'll follow you and, mmm...I can't wait for your surprise!


I am the Brunette girl said...

I really love the shoes and your blog. i added it to follow :)

Kaitlyn McCall said...

L0VE the comments!!!!
Stay tuned for a Surprise on Sunday : )


brunatreme said...

Lovely outfit!!
I just looove those shoes <33

Beth said...

Those shoes are so pretty. The remind me of a mix between ballet flats and gladiators.

Nat P. said...

I love your blog and I SUPER LOVEE THE NAME!
check out my blog pretty!

Anonymous said...

Pretty gladiators!


Marissa said...

Congrats! Such exciting news.

Definitely feel as if our blogs have the same aura to them- I'm excited to now be following you! We should come up with some sort of collaboration- any ideas/thoughts?


Natalie said...

super cute skirt! lovely blog :)

Serena P. said...

DArling I love love love love your blog! I see it on the blond salad fb. So i absolutely follow you because i like so much your style and your pics! I' m so happy if you want see my blog!

Kaitlyn McCall said...

You all have the best comments!!!

Soooo glad to see you are all enjoying TheUrbanFlamingo!!
So sorry for the lack of posts on the home page lately, I have been getting things ready for my trip in a month!!!
Stay tuned for the next post where I will reveal where I'll be going!

Be sure to enter the giveaway and check out T.U.F.'s other tabs above!!


devilishlypleasurable said...

what fabulous colours!

elleandco said...

Love this outfit !!

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