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Monday, July 26, 2010


Beautiful fur coat I fell in love with at a vintage boutique near my house.
Jewelry is definitely a weakness of mine, I could have bought them all!
Love this baby blue guitar against the pale pink wall.
Each necklace alone is beautiful, but layered together they create a look that is priceless.

I adore these WISTERIA Chiffon Tie Wedges from TopShop!
Vintage Flowered Bag ~ F21
Born on the 4th Of July! TopShop wedges
Chiffon Wrapped Chain Necklace ~ TopShop

Pale Pink <3
Vintage @ F21
Amazing Vintage Fur Coats 

Vintage shopping is one of my favorite past times.
Each piece of clothing or jewelry has a history behind it and I love to hear the stories about the person who wore the item that may someday become a part of my collection.
When I purchase a vintage item I feel that I am carrying on the memories that the person created when wearing the piece in the past.
I feel so lucky that I am able to continue creating memories with the item I purchase. 
These are some of my favorite vintage items and boutiques.

Stay tuned for my vintage clothing post with my favorite vintage items from my closet!



Sofia, Stockholm said...

Oh my goood.. That looks like an amazing little shop!! :)

Kaitlyn McCall Pieri said...

It most certainly was!! I had such a blast in there and can't wait to find my next little adventure place!
<3 KMP

Federica F. said...

Love the two wedges!
If you want visit and follow:

Simone Victoire B. said...

Like your photos. LOTS


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