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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Coral Blazer ~ Express
Skirt ~F21
Wedges ~ ALDO

Here are some quick photos from the day with my sister! We stopped down at the Riverside Shoppes where my parents have their Tea Room and Cafe! 
 Serendipity Tea Room is absolutely adorable and the perfect place for a lunch with friends!
I love the view of the river and docks from the Tea room, it is such a relaxing atmosphere. I feel so lucky to live near the water and I couldn't imagine it any other way.
*Stay tuned for photos of our lunch at the Tea Room!*
As for the outfit! I love to mix blazers and jackets with skirts and shorts. Even a pair of ripped up shorts can be dressed up with a cute blazer and wedges.
Love this look and I can't WAIT to post my new blazers!!
Stay tuned!!!
Lots of fun posts to come! :)



Lynzy said...

What an adorable outfit! You are lookin gorgeous! You must tell me where you got that turtle ring!! i love it!
xo Lynzy

Kaitlyn McCall Pieri said...

Thank you!!
It's so nice to see your comments again!
So glad you're enjoying TheUrbanFlamingo!!
I found the ring at a little boutique in the Riverside Shoppes in the photos!
I have such a weakness for rings!

Stay posted because I'm in the process of throwing ideas around for a giveaway!!


P.S. Ring post soon to come!

Sofia, Stockholm said...

I absolutly loooove the ring!

Miss Martina Mercedes said...

I like your blog!
the colors... the music... the photos! and you are so cute!!

Ps: love your light fur! :D

Kaitlyn McCall Pieri said...

So glad you like it!!
Thank you!!

Bunch of LOVE!
Kaitlyn McCall

Gia said...

Girl, you're adorable, honestly now:)
I much enjoy your style as well as your personality, I am really looking forward to build friendship relationships with kind people like you:)
Nice job with the mixture of colours, I love that ring so much, very childish, yet so chic:)
I will add you to my blog roll.
Have a wonderful week.


Maria said...

Love the turtle ring & the outfit*

- Maria, from Los Angeles

*check out inspirational fash. photos on my blog :)

Gina said...

awwwww look at the bunny!
love your pink blazer and handbag

befashionlike said...


Kaitlyn McCall said...

Thank you girls !!!!
I absolutely adore your comments!


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