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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Black Dress ~ Forever21
White Dress ~ Urban Outfitters
Black Pumps ~ Steve Madden
Nude Pumps ~ Steve Madden
Cream Bag ~ Guess Marciano

I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate my 21st birthday!
My best friend Jayme and I were surprised by our families for our 21st's with a limo ride to a beautiful restaurant in the city called The Grand Concourse, which was a very popular train station many years ago. The architecture was breathtaking inside and out.
Not to mention the food was very tasty!!
After brunch, the limo took us to the Rivers Casino to have a drink and gamble! 
Although we hardly gambled, we definitely had a blast! 
The view overlooking the city and river from the casino was beautiful, as was the weather! We could see the entire skyline and boats in the water below.
 I found it so funny that Jayme and I dressed so similar!
Opposite colored dresses with eyelet lace and stylish Steve Maddens pumps!
What can I say?! Great minds think alike!
It was sooo nice to see her! Going to school in different states is horrible.
She is truly a great friend and I don't know what I would do without her.
It was the perfect birthday.
I couldn't thank my family enough for making the day so special.

Stay tuned for photos of my trip to visit Jayme!



HollyGeekWood said...

love the baaaag!!!!!! and u look so pretty! xx

Kaitlyn McCall Pieri said...

Thank you!!! I love her too! She is so heavy though! HaHa Stay tuned! If you like bags you are in for a treat!! :)
<3 Kaitlyn

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