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Saturday, July 31, 2010




Newest obsession ~ Low back body con dresses

I just LOVE switching up my style, I think that's why I love fashion so much. It is constantly changing and I am never bored. It is so fun to try new looks and wear what I feel comfortable in. 
Although I do adore my colorful vintage blazers and skirts, its so fun to pull out an eclectic rocker look every once in a while! 
Everyone always asks me to describe my style, but it's nearly impossible. 
I'm not kidding when I say I wear my heart on my sleeve. 
You literally know the mood I am in by what I outfit I am wearing.
At least you're never guessing with me :) 



Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010




Periwinkle Blazer ~ Vintage Boutique
Skirt ~ F21
Heels ~ Steve Madden
Studded Belt ~ F21

Out on the town loving this weather!
Here are a few quick shots from today! 
Loving this new/vintage blazer, but not loving that my camera is acting up and being blurry.. 
I'm in the process of purchasing a new one! 

Any advice as to what camera takes great photos but for a reasonable price?!

So here is the first blazer! Keep posted for the other two I found as well!!!



Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I definitely have a RING obsession, among many others!

Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite rings from my collection!
Which one is your favorite?

Anyone interested in a giveaway?! Perhaps a RING giveaway?? 



Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Coral Blazer ~ Express
Skirt ~F21
Wedges ~ ALDO

Here are some quick photos from the day with my sister! We stopped down at the Riverside Shoppes where my parents have their Tea Room and Cafe! 
 Serendipity Tea Room is absolutely adorable and the perfect place for a lunch with friends!
I love the view of the river and docks from the Tea room, it is such a relaxing atmosphere. I feel so lucky to live near the water and I couldn't imagine it any other way.
*Stay tuned for photos of our lunch at the Tea Room!*
As for the outfit! I love to mix blazers and jackets with skirts and shorts. Even a pair of ripped up shorts can be dressed up with a cute blazer and wedges.
Love this look and I can't WAIT to post my new blazers!!
Stay tuned!!!
Lots of fun posts to come! :)



Monday, July 26, 2010


Beautiful fur coat I fell in love with at a vintage boutique near my house.
Jewelry is definitely a weakness of mine, I could have bought them all!
Love this baby blue guitar against the pale pink wall.
Each necklace alone is beautiful, but layered together they create a look that is priceless.

I adore these WISTERIA Chiffon Tie Wedges from TopShop!
Vintage Flowered Bag ~ F21
Born on the 4th Of July! TopShop wedges
Chiffon Wrapped Chain Necklace ~ TopShop

Pale Pink <3
Vintage @ F21
Amazing Vintage Fur Coats 

Vintage shopping is one of my favorite past times.
Each piece of clothing or jewelry has a history behind it and I love to hear the stories about the person who wore the item that may someday become a part of my collection.
When I purchase a vintage item I feel that I am carrying on the memories that the person created when wearing the piece in the past.
I feel so lucky that I am able to continue creating memories with the item I purchase. 
These are some of my favorite vintage items and boutiques.

Stay tuned for my vintage clothing post with my favorite vintage items from my closet!



Saturday, July 24, 2010


My camera is full of photos of outfits I've worn or plan to wear in the future. 
I love to keep a record of outfits I have put together.
It's like having my personal little lookbook :D
Here are a few outfits I have worn in the past whether it was to class, work, or just out for the day!

Fur Vest ~ F21
Necklaces ~ Mixed Urban Outfitters, F21 and Vintage
Pink Lace ~ H & M
Black Body Con Skirt ~ F21 (I misplaced it and am not very happy at the moment, I love that skirt!)
Flowered Blazer ~ Anthropologie 
Pink and Black Top ~ Size 2X Gabes
Leather Belt ~ Urban Outfitters
Leggings ~ Sportsgirl
Gold and Black ~ Size L (Top worn as dress) Charlotte Russe
Black Sweater ~ Cotton On
Flowered Top ~ Urban Outfitters
Flowered Leggings ~ F21
Coral Blazer ~ New York and Company
Flowered Skirt ~ F21
Teal Dress ~ Urban Outfitters
Jean Jacket ~ Gap
Brown Belt ~ Urban Outfitters

Teal Dress ~ Arden B
Fringe Boots ~ Michael Kors
Pink Dress ~ Urban Outfitters 

Each outfit brings something different to my day.
I love to think of new ways to style outfits I have worn already.
Keeping photos helps the creative mind flow!



Wednesday, July 21, 2010


From the view of my hotel I stayed at for a week while on holiday! We were right on Bondi beach and couldn't ask for a more perfect view.

Inside The Ivy! My favorite place in Sydney.

Right outside of The Opera House! We saw Jerry Springer The Opera. Let's just saw it was verryy interesting
This is the view we had from our hotel in Fiji!!! It looks like a postcard! I loved the fresh fruit and juice every morning!
We had the chance to visit the small towns and markets in Fiji, it was definitely an eye opener for me. The people were so thankful to be given a piece of candy. I was blessed to visit such a diamond in the rough.
Yes, I went skydiving!!! I have no idea what I was thinking, but I'm so glad I did it!! It was the most exhilarating experience of my life!!! 
The Blue Mountains! This photo shows the mountain known as The Three Sisters.  We rode the world's steepest train down up the mountain to see this amazing view I will never forget!
Breathtaking view from 'TheGap,' which is where boats enter in to the harbour. I had the opportunity to eat in the restaurant high above the city. The floor where we ate spun around so we could see the entire city while we ate. You can see the restaurant in this photo. It's the tall skinny building with the round top! 
Bondi Beach! This is the most popular beach in Australia. It was absolutely amazing! The apartments and homes were built right in to the cliffs above the water. This beach is so busy in the summer that you can hardly see the soft white sand.
Darling Harbour is absolutely breathtaking. It broke my heart to leave this place. Pictures don't do justice to the atmosphere along the harbour. It honestly felt like I was in a different world. 
Inside The Ivy, my absolute favorite club in Australia! It didn't have a roof and the spiral staircase took us up 4 stories to the private VIP rooftop pool! It really looked like something from a music video!
Nikos! Our favorite little restaurant on Bondi Beach! Greek Salad= Delicious
I will never forget my six month adventure to the land down under,
I was given so many wonderful opportunities and met so many wonderful people along the way. Each of these photos holds a special memory that helped build my unforgettable trip. I would love to go back in the future and take my family with me. I believe every one should experience what Australia has to offer at least once in his or her life. Not only are the views, architecture, and beaches amazing, but the people, style and atmosphere are like nothing I have ever experienced. While I was abroad I had the chance to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, go sky diving over the Blue Mountains, visit Fiji, New Zealand, numerous beaches and zoos and attend Sydney Fashion Week, just to name a few. Australians are the most down to earth and kind people, they are so relaxed and truly know how to enjoy every moment that life has to offer. They also have the best taste in music!! I cannot wait for the moment when I have the chance to return to this wonderful place I called home for six months. 
Although this isn't much of a post to do with fashion, I hoped you would enjoy these beautiful photos as much as I do. 


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